Supreme Court Issues Revised Guidelines for Senior Designation, guidelines attached

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Published on:17 July 2023 at 13:05 IST

The Supreme Court of India has issued revised guidelines for the process of senior designation, bringing about a notable change in the application procedure.

The 2023 guidelines prescribe a minimum age of 45 years to apply for the senior advocate though the same will not apply if name has been recommended by the CJI or a Supreme Court judge.

As per the revised guidelines, advocates who had previously applied for senior designation are required to update their applications or submit fresh applications using a new format. Additionally, the Court has provided the option for advocates to withdraw their applications, ensuring that their eligibility to apply in the future remains unaffected.

These new guidelines reflect the Supreme Court’s commitment to streamlining and enhancing the senior designation process, while also providing an opportunity for deserving advocates to be recognized for their legal acumen and contributions. By inviting former Chief Justices and Judges, the Court recognizes the immense value they can bring to the designation process, enriching the pool of candidates and further promoting excellence in the legal profession.

Senior designation is a prestigious recognition bestowed upon advocates who have exhibited exceptional expertise, professional excellence, and integrity in their legal practice. It grants them the privilege to represent parties before the Supreme Court and allows them to use the honorific “Senior Advocate” in their designation.

The revised guidelines, issued by the Supreme Court, aim to simplify the process by removing the requirement for fresh applications. Instead, the court will consider the existing applications on record, provided they meet the required eligibility criteria. This revision is expected to streamline the evaluation process, reduce paperwork, and expedite the overall senior designation process.

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