Supreme Court asked the Government to put some mechanism to resolve Inter-Departmental Issues

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Akanksha Singh-

Published on: September 8, 2021, at 13:57 IST

While hearing a the legal battle between Registrar General & Census Commission and LIC (Life Insurance of India), the Apex Court questioned, “Why is the Centre reluctant to intervene to resolve the dispute instead of relying on the court to resolve the dispute and why always the disputes between the government departments should be resolved in courts ?”

The matter was adjudicated by Justices Sarnjay Kishan Kaul and MM Sundresh.

The appeal was filed by the Census Commission challenging the Gujarat High Court’s decision which held that the services of an employee cannot be called for census work by the commission.

The bench said that the government should put some kind of mechanism to resolve these kinds of disputes, so that the Court should not bear the burden of these case as the time of the Court is precious.

Many such cases, including disputes between public sector units and the tax department, are being filed in court.

Further the Court also said that “I have not found government taking a stand to sort out such problems and they always want court to sort out the problems.” Such kind of inter-department matters should only be resolved by the Centre not by the Court.

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