Special Court denied Bail to a Man Arrested for Alleged Possession of Counterfeit Currency

Khushi Doshi

Published on: March 14, 2022 at 17:47 IST

A Special Court recently denied Bail to a man Arrested for Alleged Possession of Counterfeit Currency, stating that the “Economic and Financial System is in Shambles” as a result of the Pandemic, and the Accused could Commit similar Crimes if Released.

Naveed Shaikh, the Accused, was Arrested in 2021 under Sections pertaining to the Possession and Trafficking of Counterfeit Currency. Shaikh’s Bail request stated that his continued incarceration during the Covid-19 Pandemic would have a negative impact on his health and life.

The Court stated that this issue must be addressed in light of the gravity and seriousness of the Alleged Crime. It stated that there was a Prima Facie case showing Shaikh’s involvement in Crimes Punishable by life in Prison.

“The Applicant’s involvement in Counterfeiting Currency in such a large number is one of the circumstances demonstrating that he would continue Committing such Crime if released on Bail,” the Court said last week, Rejecting his Plea.

According to the Prosecution, Shaikh was Apprehended in Possession of suspicious Currency totalling over Rs 2 lakh in Rs 500 Denomination. It was Claimed that he lacked an acceptable Justification for Possessing the notes.

In a similar Case, the Court granted Bail to Amin Shaikh, who was found in Possession of Rs 8,000 in Counterfeit money. The Accused claimed that he had borrowed money from a colleague’s Associate because he was in financial trouble. He claimed that he was unaware of the Nature of the Currency.

According to the Court, the Prosecution failed to prove Prima Facie that the Accused knew the Currency was fake or that he was involved in its Trafficking.

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