SC directed UP Govt to deposited Rs. 15000 as Cost for “wastage of judicial time”


Anushka Mansharamani

Supreme Court of India imposed a sum of Rs. 15000/- for wastage of judicial time on the Uttar Pradesh government.

The state had failed to file an appeal in time and had exceeded approximately 500 days.

Supreme Court bench headed by Justice S K Kaul observed that the Uttar Pradesh government had failed to show “courtesy” of setting out the dates on how the files have moved.

As the Special Leave Petition was delayed by 576 days, due to the lack of responsibility the court imposed a fine to recover the money from the individual/officers who is the cause of the delay.

The Special Leave Petition was dismissed on the grounds of delay caused and Rs. 15000 was directed to be deposited in the Supreme Court Advocates-on-Record Welfare Fund.

The cost was to be deposited by the officers responsible for this delay.

Supreme Court bench stated that,

“Thus, we are once again faced with a matter so as to obtain a certificate of dismissal and such cases we have categorised as ‘certificate cases’, brought before this court only to put a quietus to the matter and not fix the responsibility on the officers who are responsible for the situation.”

This appeal was filed by the government against an order of the division bench passed in October 2018 by the Allahabad High Court and the division bench had dismissed the appeal instructing the department concerned to “regularise the service of a man.”

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