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Man fined INR 1.5 lakh by Madras HC over petition seeking Covid restrictions to be made unconstitutional

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Madras High Court

Shivani Gadhavi –

Published On: December 07, 2021 at 19:00 IST

The Madras High Court imposed a fine of INR 1.5 lakh over a man who filed a Petition in the Court which sought an order to declare the Corona Virus restrictions as unconstitutional and got furious over the man for filing such a ‘frivolous’ petition.

The Petitioner, M. Thavamani argued that the lockdown imposed because of the Corona Virus brought a steep decline to his business and is also a violation to his fundamental rights. Therefore, he asked for a compensation of INR 5 Lakhs from the State Government for causing him trouble by imposing Covid restrictions.

The Division Bench of Justice S. Vaidyanath and Justice Dr. G. Jayachandran of the Madras High Court contented that such petitioners must be punished for wasting time of the Court and undermining the sacrifices of Covid warriors. The Bench also called this move of the Petitioner as a mere publicity stunt.

The Bench stated, “Court firmly believes that the attitude of persons like the petitioner herein is detrimental to the selfless service rendered by the doctors, health workers and other Covid warriors, who have lost their lives while treating Covid patients. Unless busybody like the petitioners herein is punished for their senseless activity, approaching the court with frivolous petition, this Court fears that the sacrifice of the selfless people will go in vain.”

Hence, the Court while rejecting the plea of the man ordered him to pay a penalty of INR 1.5 Lakh to the Covid-19 Ward of the Government Rajaji Medical College Hospital, Maduari.