Advocates Can Now Apply for Bar Council of Delhi I’d Cards until July 31, Link shared

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Published on: 14 July 2023 at 21:25 IST

In an official announcement, the Bar Council of Delhi has notified all learned advocates that they can now apply for their Identity Cards through both offline and online modes. However, it has been explicitly stated that the deadline for applications, July 31, 2023, will not be extended any further.

The Identity Card issued by the Bar Council of Delhi is an essential document that signifies an advocate’s active participation in the legal profession.

It serves as proof of membership with the council and facilitates the recognition of an advocate’s legal standing within the Delhi jurisdiction.

Advocates who fail to submit their applications for the Identity Card within the given time frame will be deemed inactive in practice by the Bar Council. This decision underscores the importance of timely compliance with the council’s regulations and obligations.

To ensure a seamless application process, the Bar Council of Delhi has provided both offline and online options for advocates to apply for their Identity Cards. By offering these two avenues, the council aims to accommodate advocates who prefer traditional methods as well as those who embrace digital platforms.

Advocates who wish to apply offline can obtain the necessary application forms from the Bar Council’s office or its designated centers. The completed forms, along with the required documents and prescribed fees, should be submitted physically to the Bar Council’s office within the specified timeline.

For advocates who prefer the convenience of online application, the Bar Council of Delhi has developed a dedicated web portal. Applicants can access the portal through the council’s official website and follow the step-by-step instructions to complete the application process. It is important to ensure that all required information and documents are uploaded accurately to avoid any delays or complications.

The Bar Council of Delhi emphasizes that the deadline for application submission, July 31, 2023, will not be extended. Advocates are advised to act promptly and responsibly to meet this crucial requirement to maintain their active status in practice.

By implementing this measure, the Bar Council of Delhi seeks to uphold the integrity and professionalism of the legal fraternity while promoting compliance with established norms and guidelines. It is in the best interest of all learned advocates to take prompt action and apply for their Identity Cards within the stipulated time frame.

For further information and clarifications regarding the application process, advocates are encouraged to visit the Bar Council of Delhi’s official website or contact their office directly.

The council plays a crucial role in maintaining professional standards, promoting legal education, and safeguarding the interests of the legal community.

Link to Apply for Bar Council of Delhi Identity Cards

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