Kerala High Court stops Demolition of Buildings in Lakshadweep

Shivangi Prakash-

The Kerala High Court on Tuesday stopped authorities from demolishing a building that was within 20 meters from the sea. The decision was made in response to a petition filed by a native of the island.

According to officials, 102 households in Kavaratti have received demolition notices from the administration, with another 52 receiving notices soon.

The deadline for responding to the issued show-cause notice is June 30th, and failing to demolish those buildings for which a notice was issued would force the officials to do so themselves, with the owner being charged for the costs incurred.

The court found that the Block Development Office lacked the authority to issue notices for rule violations.

According to the judgement, the petitioner will react to the show-cause notice issued to him, and inmates of the building will not be evicted without court approval.

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