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Kerala High Court Grants Stay on Trial Against Staff Members of Rahul Gandhi’s Wayanad Office in Vandalization Case

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Published on: 15 July 2023 at 12:36 IST

The Kerala High Court has ordered a stay on the trial proceedings against the staff members of Rahul Gandhi’s Wayanad office in connection with a vandalization case. The decision comes after the accused employees filed a petition seeking relief from the ongoing trial.

The case pertains to an incident that occurred in early 2023 when the office of Rahul Gandhi, the Member of Parliament from Wayanad constituency and former President of the Indian National Congress party, was vandalized by a group of unidentified individuals. The incident had sparked widespread condemnation and led to an investigation into the matter.

Following the investigation, a trial against the staff members of Gandhi’s office was initiated, alleging their involvement in the vandalization. However, the accused employees filed a petition before the Kerala High Court, seeking a stay on the trial proceedings, citing procedural irregularities and lack of evidence against them.

The division bench of the Kerala High Court, comprising Justice Anand Menon and Justice Priya Rani, heard the arguments presented by both the prosecution and the defense. After careful consideration, the court ruled in favor of the accused and granted a stay on the trial until further notice.

During the hearing, the defense lawyers emphasized that their clients were innocent and were wrongly implicated in the case. They highlighted several inconsistencies in the evidence presented by the prosecution, which raised doubts about the involvement of the accused employees in the act of vandalism.

The court, while staying the trial proceedings, observed that there were substantial questions raised by the defense regarding the credibility of the evidence and the conduct of the investigation. The bench noted that it would be unjust to continue the trial without addressing these concerns adequately.

The decision to stay the trial has drawn mixed reactions from various quarters. Supporters of the accused employees and Rahul Gandhi have welcomed the court’s decision, considering it a fair move that upholds the principle of justice. On the other hand, critics argue that the stay order could delay the resolution of the case and hinder the quest for truth.

The court’s decision merely suspends the ongoing trial until the concerns raised by the defense are appropriately addressed.