Justice D Y Chandrachud: In Era of Digital Age, Law must Develop to Protect Privacy

Paridhi Arya

Published on: April 10, 2022 at 20:14 IST

Justice D Y Chandrchud has addressed the Issue that at this Era of Information we have to be more concerned about our Privacy.

He had highlighted that ‘Our laws must Evolve to address them’.

While delivering the lecture on Justice P M Mukhi Memorial on the Topic of “Reconciling Rights and Innovation: Examining Relationship Between Law and Technology”.

During the lecture Justice Chandrachud had dig out the Fact that by introduction of New Technology and Internet the interaction between People and Government or with Judiciary has drastically changed. He added “Solutions in the digital age also come with a cost”

“The first kind of price…is through Digital profiling of all persons. Every Transaction of ours and every site that we visit leave Electronic Tracks, generally without our knowledge. These tracks contain powerful means of information which provide knowledge of the sort of person that the user is and their interests. All of this Data needs to be protected. In aggregation, this Data may disclose the nature of an individual’s personality: food habits, language, health, hobbies, sexual preferences, friendships, ways of dress and political affiliation,” stated by him.

“The second kind of price is the nature of changes in our society due to the vast amount of information available through the Internet. This can have negative affects…we can become susceptible to False Information, we may be unable to verify the truth, or the information we receive may just become what is dictated by an Algorithm, without any real choice on our part. The vastness of this information can also have a numbing effect, where we become so used to hearing about issues that they no longer even affect us,” pointed out by him.

Justice Chandrachud stated “The Influx of the Internet age has Democratised Speech for all individuals. Traditionally, Government has controlled the platforms… individuals can now directly be in control of these platforms”.

Regarding the question of how Judiciary adopted this technological change he explained that during the lockdown of March, 2020 every Court has made the hearings available Virtually which was a difficult task with this infrastructure but courts took this challenge and for smooth functioning trying Adopting Hybrid (Offline and Online) method of Hearing.

He said in his lecture that the only aim of Technology should not be to provide efficiency but Law is also need to improvise so the condition of App-based Workers will be improved.

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