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Jury: Official Failures contributed in Fatal London Attack

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Queency Jain

An Inquest Jury held to establish cases of violent or unexplained deaths in Britain has concluded that a line of failures by British Authorities has contributed in death of 2 people in a knife attack in London by ex-convict, Usman Khan.

Usman Khan, who served for terrorism offences, carried out November 2019 attack during a prisoner rehabilitation event, thereby killing 2 people and wounding 3 before he was chased and shot dead by police authorities.

The Jury concluded that the authorities lack accountability and deficiency in management who trusted the “Poster Boy” image of Usman Khan and ignored the fact that he remained a committed extremist.

The two victims, Jack Merrit, aged 25 years working for the program Learning Together during rehabilitation event and Saskia Jones; aged 23 years working as a volunteer in event were the two victims who lost their life.

Even though the prison psychologist warned he authorities about Khan and provided them with list of warning signs to be monitored, Khan was released after serving half time of his sentence like various other inmates in London.

While the authorities allowed Khan to travel alone to attend the event, Khan used it as an opportunity and attacked two people and launched the attack.

Assistant Commissioner Neil Basu, the head of British counter-terrorism policing, apologized the families of the victims calling it to be policy failures by the authorities which need improvement. In conclusion, Jury expressed their heartfelt condolences and said, “The world lost two bright stars that dreadful day.”