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Jharkhand HC Introduces Innovative E-Seva Kendra-Cum-Help Desks to Enhance Accessibility and Simplify Legal Procedures

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Published on: 23 August 2023 at 17:46 IST

In a significant stride toward enhancing accessibility and streamlining legal proceedings, the Jharkhand High Court has inaugurated two pioneering ‘e-seva kendra-cum-help desks’ within its premises.

The inauguration, held on Monday, witnessed the presence of Chief Justice Sanjaya Kumar Mishra, along with all the sitting judges of the high court.

Strategically placed at the entrances of the advocates Block I and II buildings on the high court grounds, these newly established help desks are manned by dedicated personnel.

Their primary purpose is to provide comprehensive assistance to litigants and visitors, aiming to make the legal process more approachable.

Equipped with two computers, printers, and internet connectivity, each desk is tailored to guide litigants and visitors through the complexities of e-filing and promptly address their inquiries.

Notably, the help desks are well-equipped to offer essential information about case statuses, upcoming hearing dates, and other pertinent details to both litigants and legal professionals.

Furthermore, these innovative desks will facilitate online applications for certified copies of judgments and orders issued by the high court, simplifying the process for interested parties. They will also help alleviate the challenges related to traffic challans, ensuring a smoother resolution process.

An additional feature of the desks is their role in generating ‘e-Mulakat‘ appointments. This functionality enables visitors to conveniently submit applications to meet incarcerated relatives.

By providing advanced notice of meeting times, the desks are anticipated to reduce pressure on jail authorities and create a more seamless experience for visitors during these interactions.

The convenience of the e-seva kendra extends to legal practitioners as well. Lawyers will gain immediate access to updates concerning their cases, enabling more informed representation for their clients.

Services and Facilities Available at the E-Seva Kendra-Cum-Help Desks:

  1. Addressing inquiries about case status and upcoming hearing dates.
  2. Assisting with online applications for certified copies of judgments and orders.
  3. Aiding in online petition filing, including scanning, signatures, uploading, and generating filing numbers.
  4. Facilitating the purchase of e-stamp papers and digital payments.
  5. Providing guidance for obtaining Aadhaar-based digital signatures.
  6. Promoting and guiding the download of the e-Courts Mobile App.
  7. Assisting in booking e-Mulakat appointments for jail visits.
  8. Addressing queries about judges’ leave status.
  9. Offering guidance on accessing free legal services from various legal service committees.
  10. Assisting in resolving traffic challans through virtual courts and online compounding.
  11. Explaining the procedure for arranging and participating in video conference court hearings.
  12. Distributing soft copies of judicial orders and judgments via email, WhatsApp, or other digital means.