“I would redo what I did on this day last year if need arises” says BJP leader Kapil Mishra


Umamageswari Maruthappan

Bharatiya Janata Party leader Kapil Mishra, while addressing the event at the Constitutional Club, said that he would “redo” that what he had done on 23rd February (the same day) last year.

“Aaj ek saal ho gaya hai, isliye yeh baat dobaara bolna chahata hoon. February 23 pichle saal jo kiya, agar zaroorat pade toh dobaara kar lunga (Today, it’s been a year and that is why I want to talk about this again. What I did on February 23 last year, I would redo it if need arises,” said the BJP leader during the release of the book titled “Delhi Riots 2020: The Untold Story”.

“This book has a lot on the conspirators of the riots. So you will not find much in the book about me,” he said. The book was co-authored by Senior Supreme Court lawyer Monika Arora, Miranda House Assistant Professor Sonali Chitalkar, and Author and Faculty at Ram Lal Anand College (Delhi University), Prerna Malhotra.

Communal violence broke out in Northeast Delhi between the protesters and supporters of the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) on 24th February 2020 which killed at least 53 people, leaving around 200 injured.

On 23rd February 2020, a day before the violence, BJP Leader Kapil Mishra led a pro-CAA rally and warned the police to clear the anti-CAA protesters’ gatherings. 

“It’s been a year since Jihadi forces engineered the riots in Delhi. Exactly the same pattern is being seen even now, like what happened on Republic Day. The so-called fringe elements are trying to sabotage peace in the Capital, aided and funded by anti-India forces, both within and outside the country. And the ‘pradarshan se danga tak (from protests to riots)’ model is very much evident,” he said.

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