gauhati high court HC LAW INSIDER
gauhati high court HC LAW INSIDER

Aastha Thakur

Published on: 28th September, 2022 at 22:06 IST

The Gauhati High Court has begun live broadcasting court hearings on its official YouTube Channel from 26-09-2022 for public access, in accordance with the standards established by the Supreme Court in Swapnil Tripathi v. Supreme Court of India. Three High Court courts are currently affected by the project’s implementation.

Thus, with the help of the internal IT team, the proceedings of Court No. 1, which includes the Chief Justice and Mr. Justice Soumitra Saikia, Court No. 2, which is comprising of Mr. Justice N.K. Singh and Mrs. Justice S.P. Khaund, and Court No. 6, a single bench led by Mr. Justice Suman Shyam (Chairman, I.C.T. Committee, Gauhati High Court), were being live-streamed initially.

The Court has further to live telecast the Court proceedings has also framed its own Rules namely, the Gauhati High Court (Live Streaming and Recording of Court Proceedings) Rules, 2022 which have also come into effect from today.

In its Press Release, the High Court stated that, “It is believed that the live-streaming of Court proceedings will strengthen the rule of law and the idea of open Court, and it will also improve access to justice, which, in turn, will ensure an effective administration of justice”

The Supreme Court started live-streaming the proceedings in the Constitution Benches which was a historic decision.

Subsequently the HCs of Gujarat, Karnataka and Odisha have started live-streaming of court proceedings.

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