Delhi High Court Takes Action Against Website Infringing on Radico Khaitan’s Liquor Trademarks

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Published on: 27 July 2023 at 12:37 IST

The Delhi High Court has recently taken decisive action to restrain unknown defendants from unlawfully using the trademarks of renowned liquor brands belonging to Radico Khaitan Limited, including ‘Magic Moments’, ‘8 PM’, ‘Morpheus’, ‘Rampur’, and ‘Jaisalmer’.

Justice C Hari Shankar issued the order in response to a suit filed by Radico Khaitan, which accused unidentified individuals of creating a deceptive website that solicited substantial investments from the public.

The perpetrators falsely claimed that the investments would be directed towards Radico Khaitan, and they promised investors high returns.

The Court was informed that the defendants had also established a group on the messaging app Telegram, wherein they sought payments under Radico Khaitan’s name.

Justice Hari Shankar found a strong prima facie case of trademark infringement against Radico Khaitan and subsequently passed an injunction order against the unidentified defendants.

Moreover, the Court directed the Department of Technology (DoT), Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MEITY), along with Google Pay, Twitter, Telegram, and internet service providers, to provide information about the defendants and suspend their website.

The suit has been summoned, and the case is scheduled for hearing before the Joint Registrar on September 19.

Advocates Anirudh Bakhru, Ayush Puri, Umang Tyagi, Vijay Laxmi Rathi, Kanav Madani, and Pragya Choudhary represented Radico Khaitan during the legal proceedings.

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