Delhi High Court Grants Divorce to Celebrity Chef Kunal Kapur on Grounds of Cruelty

kunal kapur

Published on: April 03, 2024 at 15:22 IST

Delhi High Court granted divorce to renowned celebrity chef Kunal Kapur, citing cruelty inflicted upon him by his estranged wife. The court’s decision came in response to Kapur’s appeal challenging a family court’s ruling that denied him divorce.

The bench comprising Justices Suresh Kumar Kait and Neena Bansal Krishna elucidated that the conduct exhibited by Kapur’s wife towards him lacked dignity and empathy, deeming it incompatible with the essence of marriage. The court emphasized that the reckless and unsubstantiated allegations made against a spouse in public constitute cruelty, thereby underscoring the gravity of the situation.

The estranged couple, who tied the knot in April 2008 and welcomed a son in 2012, found themselves embroiled in a contentious legal battle. Kapur accused his wife of consistently disrespecting his parents and subjecting him to humiliation, while his wife countered by alleging that Kapur fabricated stories to obtain a divorce and misrepresented their relationship dynamics.

The court acknowledged that conflicts are inherent in marital relationships but emphasized that when these disputes escalate to disrespect and inconsideration towards a spouse, the sanctity of marriage is compromised. Furthermore, the court dismissed the wife’s allegations as attempts to tarnish Kapur’s reputation, noting his achievements as a celebrity chef within two years of marriage as a testament to his diligence and dedication.

The ruling underscores the judiciary’s commitment to upholding the dignity and integrity of marital relationships while emphasizing the importance of substantiated claims in legal proceedings. As Kunal Kapur moves forward with the divorce process, the case serves as a reminder of the complexities surrounding interpersonal relationships and the legal mechanisms in place to address them.

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