Delhi High Court dismisses plea of over-weight man seeking to join IAF

Kriti Agrawal – 

The Delhi High Court dismissed an appeal filed by a man seeking to join the Indian Air Force (IAF) as an Airman, disputing the Medical Board’s decision pronouncing him unfit for service on three grounds i.e., being overweight, unable to squat, and having hyperbilirubinemia.

The High Court considered the government’s response that the ideal weight prescribed in the Manual of Medical Examination and Medical Boards for the height of the petitioner, was 178 cm and 19 years, was 63 kgs with a margin of 6.3 kgs for the height of the petitioner, 

The Court stated, “According to the data submitted, the petitioner’s (Mr Amit Kumar’s) weight on the day of the Medical Board’s and Appeal Medical Board’s examinations was way over, i.e., 83 kgs and 80 kgs, respectively.”

While dismissing the plea, the Court said, “Since one cause is sufficient for this petition to be dismissed, we are not selecting to go into the other two grounds of denial.”

The Bench further stated that the petitioner does not appear to be disputing the Appeal Medical Board’s findings that his weight on December 30, 2020, was 83 kgs and on March 1, 2021, was 80 kgs.

The High Court while rejecting the appeal stated, “Suffice it to say that, without impugning the Officers forming the Medical Board/Appeal Medical Board with any mala fides, the petitioner cannot controvert their conclusions as to having weighed the petitioner.”

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