Delhi High Court allows Journalist Rana Ayyub to travel abroad, Conditions applied.

Delhi High Court Name Board Police custody Illegal Detention and assualt

Khushi Gupta

Published on: April 4, 2022 at 17:47 IST

Justice Chandra Dhari Singh said, “Writ allowed, Petition disposed, will pass detailed Order”.

A Lookout Circular (LOC) was issued by the Enforcement Directorate (ED), which is investigating Ayyub in a Case of Alleged ‘Money Laundering’.

A Lookout Circular is issued to make sure an individual who is wanted by Law Enforcement is not able to leave the country. As a result, she was stopped at the Mumbai Airport by Immigration Authorities.

The Judge questioned the Enforcement Directorate Counsel about issuance of Lookout Circular.

The Court said, “How do you Defend your Lookout Circular? It is an admitted fact that whenever Summon was issued, she replied and appeared before Officers. How do you say that she is avoiding the Investigation? Because for Lookout Circular, Evidence should be satisfied”.

Additional Solicitor General SV Raju, who was leading the Case from the Enforcement Directorate side, said that the agency had solicited the documents from Ayyub that were not submitted.

He said, ‘She is saying they are received from Bombay Office which isn’t correct. This is a serious matter. Our apprehension is that she may go out and not come back’.

‘Fake bills have been provided, Prima Facie there is a Case of cheating. Therefore, we are saying explain, sit with us, give us Statement and then go’, Raju added while Opposing the Plea.

On February 10, the Enforcement Directorate had attached Funds worth Rs 1.77 crore from Ayyub’s Bank Accounts over charges of Misappropriation. She had denied the Allegations.

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