Delhi HC Seeks Police’s Stand on implementation of NGT Order Banning Sale of Chinese Manjha for Kite Flying

Khushi Bajpai

Published on: 04 August 2022 at 18:52 IST

The Delhi High Court on Thursday sought the stand of Delhi Police on implementation of the order passed by the national green tribunal (NGT) banning sale of Chinese synthetic manjha used in flying kites.

A Division Bench comprising of Chief Justice Satish Chandra Sharma and justice Subramonim prasad was hearing a PIL filed by Advocate Sanser pal Singh seeking a complete ban on flying kites as well as manufacturing, sale and storage of objects used in the same.

The NGT had imposed complete ban on manufacture, distribution, sale and use of nylon or any synthetic manjha or thread holding that the same is lethal in nature and non-biodegradable, in the years 2017.

The Tribunal also directed all states government to prohibit the manufacture, sake, store, purchase and use of synthetic manjha/nylon thread and all other similar synthetic threads, used for kite flying.

During the course of hearing today, the petitioner apprised the Court that despite the NGT order, Chinese manjhas were being sold in open market.

Sanjay Lao appearing on behalf of the Delhi police apprised the court that orders in this regards are passed every year and prayed that the matter be list for hearing tomorrow to seek appropriate instructions.

The Bench orally told Delhi police’s counsel thus: “you tell us what steps have taken to implement the order passed by the NGT.”

Calling it a “kitemania” the plea argues that the use of string or thread that are glass coated or metallic, which are popularly known as “Chinese maajha” are dangerous to the file and safety of humans, besides birds.

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