Delhi HC Orders for Removal of Defamatory and Disparaging Content Against MBA Chai Wala

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Published on: 01 September 2023 at 11:41 IST

In a recent legal development, the Delhi High Court has issued a directive for the removal of certain “defamatory and disparaging videos” posted on nine YouTube channels that targeted the cafe chain MBA Chai Wala and its founder, Praful Billore.

Justice Prathiba M Singh personally reviewed one of the videos and took note of derogatory terms such as “MBA Fraud Wala” and other offensive expressions employed by the YouTube channels in question.

According to the court’s observations, the defendants failed to present any defense or justification for the publication of these videos. As a result, the court has ordered promptly to remove the videos from YouTube, unless they have already been deleted.

Furthermore, the court ruled that if the YouTube channels fail to comply with the order, Google is required to remove the videos within a span of 72 hours.

Justice Singh presided over a lawsuit filed by MBA Chai Wala and its founder, Praful Billore, against the nine YouTube channels. The plaintiffs alleged that the channels had disseminated defamatory and slanderous statements without any factual basis. They sought legal protection to safeguard their reputation in relation to their trademark, business, and individual rights.

The plaintiffs contended that the videos in question utilized false and derogatory terms such as “scam” and “fraud” with regard to MBA Chai Wala and its founder.

Addressing the issue of whether these videos indeed held defamatory and derogatory content, the court examined one of the videos and clearly noted the use of expressions like “MBA Fraud Wala” and similar derogatory language.

Justice Singh also took the significant step of imposing a permanent injunction on one of the YouTube channels, “theadityasaini,” thereby prohibiting them from making disparaging or derogatory statements or publications targeting the cafe chain and its founder on both online and offline platforms.

The court’s injunction even extends to YouTube videos related to the plaintiffs’ businesses, highlighting the comprehensive nature of the legal decision.

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