Delhi HC issues Notice against Naresh Kumar Appeal for Non- Selection

Naresh Kumar Sharma, India's Number 1 shooter, during one of his game, in his uniform and with head gear on

Shivangi Prakash-

The Delhi High Court on Friday issued notice on an appeal filed by Arjuna Awardee and five-time Paralympian shooter Naresh Kumar Sharma against a Single Judge judgement declining to intervene in the Paralympic Committee of India’s (PCI) decision not to select him for the Tokyo 2020 Games.

Advocate Varun Singh representing the Appellant was heard by a Division Bench of Chief Justice DN Patel and Justice Jyoti Singh, who issued notice.

“This is a peculiar matter where all my submissions are admitted by the Single Judge. He has observed that there was biasness and favoritism in PCI’s conduct. He has also ordered an investigation. But my prayer is denied. Such an order in a matter against an extremely corrupt body is against national interest,” Singh argued.

The Bench had previously requested that the Sports Ministry take action if it discovered that PCI had engaged in misconduct or favouritism.

Sharma stated that he meets all of the eligibility criteria set forth by the Sports Technical Committee (STC) for PCI shooting in accordance with and in agreement with the WSPS  (World Shooting Para Sports) eligibility criteria.

Sharma claimed, however, that the PCI’s Selection Committee failed to choose him for the Tokyo Paralympic Games due to an unreasonable, capricious, and discriminatory exercise of discretion.

In this context, Singh informed the Court that each event has three slots. However, one slot is given in a manner which is not beholding of an organization. 

“This is mounting to favourtism,” Singh remarked. 

At this point, the Bench inquired as to when the event will begin.

Sharma stated that the deadline for submitting application forms is August 2nd and that the event would begin on August 25th.

As a result, the Respondents were served with notice. PCI notice was accepted by lawyer Mahavir Rawat.

Singh’s request to have the case heard on Monday was refused by the Bench.

“You are coming at the last moment. We have issued notice within 2 minutes. We understand the urgency but when you’re coming on the last day, we will not allow such requests,” the CJ remarked. 

After reviewing the arguments, the single judge concluded that the PCI’s decision to allow Deepak to compete in the Serbia Grand Prix after seeking clarification from its parent body could not be criticised by the Court.

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