Delhi HC creates Intellectual Property Division to deal with IPR cases

Delhi High Court

Queency Jain-

In order to avoid multiple and conflicting decisions, the Delhi High Court has established the Intellectual Property Division (IPD) to deal with all the matters relating to the Intellectual Property Rights except for those that need to be dealt by the Division bench only.

The constitution of the division comes after a committee was set up constituting the Chief Justice DN Patel and Hon’ble Justices Pratibha M Singh and Sanjeev Narula which gave necessary recommendations on how to deal and streamline a large number of IPR cases.

It was further noted that special IPD benches should be created in order to deal with the matters of IPR wherein the nomenclature and payment of the Court fee for all the petitions so filed will be specified soon through an Office-Order.

In furtherance to the IPD, a special committee has also been set up to frame the Delhi High Court Patent Rules to adjudicate the patent disputes before the Delhi High Court.

In conclusion, the press note releasing the news of the establishment of IPD’s called the step to be an efficient manner for disposing of the Intellectual Property Right cases in a speedy manner.

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