Delhi Govt: No actions taken against Liquor Retailers

Delhi HIgh Court Governemnt Liquor Retailer Liquor lIcence Fee

Shivani Gadhavi-

Published On: November 12, 2021 17:51 IST

The Delhi Government on November 11, 2021, submitted in front of the Delhi High Court that it will not be taking any kind of Coercive actions against all those Liquor retailers who have not paid their Liquor License fee under the Delhi Excise Policy 2021-2022.

The guarantee was given orally by Senior Advocates AM Singhvi and Rahul Mehra during the hearing of pleas in the Delhi High Court by 16 petitioners, challenging the decision of the Delhi Government to impose License fees on all Liquor Retailers which came into effect from November 01, 2021.

The 16 Petitioners are successful bidders of L-7Z (Zonal License for retail vend of Indian liquor and Foreign Liquor) and L-7V (Retail vend of Indian Liquor, Foreign Liquor in a Zone).

The Petitioners have requested the Delhi HC to announce the Delhi Government’s decision to impose License fees over them as Illegal.

The Petitioners asked for restriction on the Delhi Government to prevent them from demanding the sums of money in the form of License Fees or Security Deposit from the aforementioned successful bidders and asked the Government to perform its own obligations under the Tender terms and conditions and the Delhi Excise policy 2021-2022.

The Government also brought it to light in the Court that ‘10 L1 Wholesale Licenses’ have applied for registration of 78 brands as of November 11 and no valid application for registration of these brands has come to their knowledge.

The Advocates on behalf of the Government also informed the Court that 92 brands of Foreign Liquor have been examined thoroughly and are on the wait list for online application by the wholesalers and once they’re validly applied, the process of Registration will be completed within 48 hours.

Justice Rekha Palli posted the Case for further Hearing on November 15, 2021.

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