Consumer Court Levies Rs 20,000 Fine on Flipkart for Order Cancellation

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Published on: 01 October 2023 at 15:45 IST

In a significant legal decision, a consumer court in Berhampur, Odisha, has imposed a fine of Rs 20,000 on the leading e-commerce giant, Flipkart, for canceling a customer’s order, with the penalty amount directed to be paid to the aggrieved customer.

After a protracted legal battle, Gandhi Behera emerged victorious against Flipkart, finally finding relief after a year of relentless pursuit of justice. Flipkart swiftly issued him a cheque for Rs 20,000 in accordance with the court’s judgment.

According to the complaint, Gandhi came across a pair of shoes on Flipkart’s platform while browsing. Originally priced at Rs 4,999, the shoes were available at a discounted rate of Rs 975. Without hesitation, Gandhi placed an online order for the shoes and eagerly anticipated their delivery.

However, his excitement quickly turned into disappointment when he learned that Flipkart had canceled his order the following day. A disheartened Gandhi attempted to contact the company’s helpline to voice his grievances but faced rejection. No one was willing to listen to his complaints regarding the sudden order cancellation.

Growing increasingly frustrated with his attempts to resolve the matter, Gandhi sought assistance from the National Consumer helpline. They advised him to file a complaint with the local consumer court. Following this guidance, Gandhi approached the Ganjam District Consumer Court and lodged a formal complaint against Flipkart.

In his complaint, he accused Flipkart of promoting deceptive offers to lure customers, canceling orders without obtaining customer consent, and causing him mental distress. After a thorough examination of the case, the district court recognized and upheld Gandhi’s rights as a consumer, resulting in a Rs 20,000 penalty being imposed on Flipkart.

In compliance with the court’s directives, Flipkart expeditiously provided Gandhi with a Rs 20,000 cheque, as reported.

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