CJI Chandrachud: Collegium Aims to Embrace India’s Richness and Diversity

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Published on: 24 August 2023 at 11:03 IST

CJI D Y Chandrachud underscored the people-centric nature of the Supreme Court and emphasized the mission of the Collegium to ensure that the court represents the vibrant and diverse tapestry of India.

Speaking at a felicitation event organized by the Supreme Court Bar Association for judges Ujjal Bhuyan and SVN Bhatti, he highlighted that elevating capable judges to the Supreme Court, particularly those who have devoted years of service to the judiciary, contributes to improved dispensation of justice.

Justice Chandrachud emphasized that the Supreme Court transcends regional identities and instead symbolizes the entirety of India.

He noted that the diversity of the nation is integral to the court’s mission. While some have criticized the court for its polyvocal nature, he presented a different perspective, stating that the uniqueness of each judge enriches the court’s discussions.

A judge from one state collaborating with a judge from another state to decide matters from yet another state exemplifies the Supreme Court’s essence. He emphasized that the court is people-centric rather than merely polyvocal.

The Chief Justice emphasized that every Supreme Court judge brings their distinct legal expertise to the table when deliberating legal issues.

He stressed that the public’s trust in the judiciary grows when they perceive the reflection of their own identities in the individuals who administer justice.

The Chief Justice articulated the court’s duty to mirror the society it serves.

Justice Chandrachud asserted the responsibility of elevating competent legal professionals from both the Bar and the Bench to the Supreme Court. The appointment of judges Bhuyan and Bhatti significantly enhances the court’s capacity, he noted.

During the event, Attorney General for India R Venkataramani and SCBA President Adish A Aggarwala also shared their insights.

Born on August 2, 1964, Justice Bhuyan appointed as role of a judge in the Gauhati High Court on October 17, 2011, and was the senior-most judge of his parent high court. He held the position of chief justice of the Telangana High Court from June 28, 2022, to July 12 of the current year.

Justice Bhatti, born on May 6, 1962, was appointed as a judge in the High Court of Andhra Pradesh on April 12, 2013, and was the senior-most judge in his parent high court.

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