CIC Uday Mahurkar’s Office handled a Total of 5,056 Right to Information Appeals in 2021-22

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Khushi Doshi

Published on: April 3, 2022 at 20:21 IST

Uday Mahurkar, the Central Information Commissioner, stated that his Court heard 5,056 RTI, or Right to Information, Appeals in 2021-22, the most in any year by a Commissioner in the Central Information Commissioner’s 16-year history. Mahurkar stated that he ‘passed Landmark Judgments without fear or favour,’ Citing a ruling on Ancient Sanskrit Manuscripts.

The Information Commissioner ruled that a Manuscript, whether owned by the Government or a Private Entity, is a national property because those who donated to Private Entities did so to preserve India’s Heritage. He stated that the decision was praised by Academics all over the World.

In his Order on Manuscripts, the former journalist stated that he directed the National Manuscript Mission to place in the Public Domain all Three lakh Manuscripts of Private Bodies that it had digitised for the Benefit of Researchers.

The Order was issued after Mahurkar’s Court determined that only 28,000 of them were publicly available. He went on to say that the Order was much appreciated by Indologists.

‘I’d like to thank my office staff, led by Dy. Registrar Rakesh Rao, for making success possible even at the expense of personal sacrifices.’ ‘The entire Central Information Commissioner staff should be commended for their outstanding performance in resolving (of) 28903 cases in 2021-2022,’he tweeted.

The Central Information Commission was established in 2005 under the Right to Information Act, with Jurisdiction over all Central Public Authorities.

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