Central Government Notifies Appointment of Three Judges to Telangana High Court

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Published on: 29 July 2023 at 19:10 IST

The Central Government made an official announcement regarding the appointment of three new judges to the Telangana High Court.

Among the appointees are two seasoned advocates named Laxminarayana Alishetty and Anil Kumar Jukanti, along with the highly regarded judicial officer, Sujana Kalasikam.

The appointment of these distinguished individuals was recommended by the Supreme Court Collegium in a resolution dated July 12.

Following the endorsement, the Union Minister of State with Independent Charge of the Law & Justice Ministry, Arjun Ram Meghwal, took to Twitter to share the positive development.

The Telangana High Court presently operates with 28 judges, even though it has a sanctioned strength of 42. With the addition of the newly appointed judges, the court’s efficiency and capacity to handle cases are expected to improve significantly.

Sujana Kalasikam, as a judicial officer, brings valuable experience and expertise to the bench, and her appointment is anticipated to enhance the court’s overall judicial prowess.

On the other hand, advocates Laxminarayana Alishetty and Anil Kumar Jukanti, with their extensive legal backgrounds, are poised to contribute significantly to the adjudication process.

The appointments reflect the government’s commitment to reinforcing the judiciary and ensuring the smooth functioning of the justice system in Telangana. The infusion of fresh talent and knowledge is expected to bolster the court’s ability to deliver justice efficiently and promptly to the people.

As the newly appointed judges assume their responsibilities, the Telangana High Court is set to witness increased productivity and faster disposal of cases. This move is a crucial step towards upholding the integrity of the judicial system and safeguarding the rights of citizens in the state.

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