Calcutta High Court to Examine Report submitted by NHRC

Anshika Tiwari-

A brief report in respect of displaced persons in Bengal’s post-poll violence scenario was submitted to the court by a 7-member committee of the National Human Rights Commission. The Calcutta High Court took cognizance of the report along with the attached annexures in a sealed cover.  

The court directed the State Government to provide proper medical treatment to all individuals injured during the alleged post-election violence in the state.

Subir Sanyal, the counsel for NHRC informed the bench that it was only a fraction of the report and requested the Court for more time to visit all the affected areas and submit a comprehensive account later. For this purpose, he informed the Court, that the committee has been bifurcated into 5-6 teams and they have so far visited 163 houses.

The five-judge bench took cognizance of the report and after a brief perusal said that it required more time to study the report thoroughly. Accordingly, the matter was adjourned till July 2nd.  The Acting Chief Justice Bindal said:

“We have opened the report. Before we pass any order, we feel it appropriate to go through the report along with annexures”

The bench declined the petitioner’s request to direct NHRC to deploy teams at 5 stagnated nodal points.

Lastly, the Bench also refused to take cognizance of the application filed by Adv. Priyanka Tibrewal (counsel for petitioners) prayed for an extension in the time given to NHRC for investigation of the circumstances. The court said that she had no locus to seek an extension.

Earlier, on June 18 the Court directed NHRC to constitute a committee for examining complaints concerning post-poll violence. The Bench found no reason to modify this order and said that the State had failed to attract the Court’s confidence and thus it cannot stay its operation. 

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