Calcutta HC Orders CBI-NIA Probe into Forced Religious Conversion Case in WB’s Malda District

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Khushi Gupta

Published on: May 21, 2022 at 16:20 IST

The Calcutta High Court ordered the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) and the National Investigation Authority (NIA) to probe an alleged Case of forced conversion in West Bengal’s Malda District.

Justice Rajasekhar Mantha was adjudicating upon a Plea moved by two women who had claimed that their husbands, brothers by relation and residents of Kaliachak area of the district, were converted from Hinduism to Islam by force as part of a Punishment for working for a political party which lost the last assembly election.

“Since the NIA and the CBI are the party Respondents to the instant Proceeding, appropriate inputs may be given from their side as regards the allegations made in the Writ Petition”, the Court directed.

The Petitioners, who are also sisters, claimed that their husbands were missing since November 24 last year but the Police Authorities had not taken any step in the matter even after being informed. The State Government, however, submitted that the two had converted to Islam voluntarily and they had left home because of a family dispute.

The Superintendent of Police was Ordered to review the security of the Petitioners and take immediate measures in that regard, since they apprehended serious threat to their lives.

“The aforesaid allegations may not be directly in issue to the claim of the Writ Petitioners but appear vitally linked to the Allegations of Abduction and Forcible Conversion of the Petitioner’s’ husbands”, the Court directed further.

Accordingly, the matter was listed for further hearing on June 21.

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