Brazil Top Court initiates Investigation on President over Vote Fraud claims

Snehal Upadhyay

Published on August 05, 2021, at 03:00 PM

Brazil’s Supreme Court justice ordered that President Jair Bolsonaro shall be investigated for unproven claims Brazil’s voting system is riddled with fraud.

The Superior Electoral Court had directed the Supreme Court to issue such a ruling, after keeping the president under investigation alleging Brazil’s voting system in his campaign.

The Supreme Court agreed to call for an investigation against the President on charges of slander and inciting criminal acts for his undocumented claims of massive vote fraud.

The electoral Court will itself investigate the president for abusing the office, corruption, fraud, misusing the official communication channels and other potential crimes.

The electronic voting system was introduced in Brazil in the year 1996, the President has illogically criticized the system for a very long time.

Bolsonaro also initiated a conversation about having a “printable and auditable” paper ballots system for October 2022 elections.

On account of his popularity, several thousands of Brazilians came on the streets in support of Bolsonaro’s campaign against electronic voting.

There are fears Bolsonaro could try to use fraud claims to undermine next year’s election if he loses, following in the footsteps of former US President Donald Trump, with whom he is often compared.

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