Bombay High Court reminds State of constitutional duty of providing funds to Judiciary

Snehal Upadhyay-

Recently, the Bombay High Court (Nagpur Bench) prompted the state government on doing its constitutional duty for providing workable and effective infrastructure and adequate funds to the third organ of the democracy which is the judiciary.

The division bench of Justice Sunil B. Shukre and Justice Anil S. Kilor set this reminder for the state government while hearing to PIL (Public Interest Litigation) the ‘situation of emergency arose in the precincts of this very Court’ where there was a heavy leakage seen in the ceiling of the Courtroom due to heavy rainfall outside.

The video of the incident was also recorded, taking into consideration the video the court remarked that “If the Courtrooms are leaking in this fashion, we ask a question to ourselves – Would it be possible for the High Court to dispense justice in performance of its sovereign function? The question does not beg any answer and the answer is too manifest to be expressly stated here.”

It was also submitted before the Court the main reason for the occurrence of this incident was as the civil work was stopped by the contractor due to unavailability of funds despite having administrative approval. 

The Court directed the authorities to draw attention to the infrastructure and financial requirements and has requested the state to make adequate provisions and hand over funds immediately so that the poor infrastructure could be renovated and opportunities for securing justice are not denied to any litigant.

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