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Allahabad High Court inaugurates new Law Museum & Archive Centre

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Umamageswari Maruthappan

A new Law Museum and Archive Centre was inaugurated by the Allahabad High Court on Saturday, 9th January 2021.

The ceremony was ennobled with the virtual presence of several eminent jurists including the Supreme Court Justices Ashok Bhushan, Vineet Saran and Krishna Murari; Chief Justices of Gujarat and Jammu & Kashmir; and other judges of Allahabad High Court.

The museum deliberates on preserving the legal documents and artefacts relating to the Indian Judicial System.

It also contains an audio-visual room with an intent to educate viewers about the legal system of the country.

Museums are an important source to know about the history of any society, culture, organization, community, etc. and the legal field should be no exception to this.

As said by Justice Pankaj Mithal of Jammu and Kashmir High Court during his virtual presence in the ceremony, “Law museum is necessary to make aware the newcomers in the judicial prof about history of law courts and history of courts”.

Besides this museum, there are a few others in India including the Museum in Delhi and in the Madras High Court.

However, considering the rich heritage of our country, there is a need for more such initiatives and the one undertaken by the Allahabad High Court is noteworthy.

While addressing the inauguration, Chief Justice Govind Mathur remarked that the museum can be a good source of inspiration and learning.

The CJ further requested the museum to be declared as the ‘National Museum of Judiciary’.

Acknowledging the same, Supreme Court Justice Ashok Bhushan said that he will submit a proposal of the same to the Chief Justice of India.

Justice Bhushan was also among the one who laid down the foundation of this museum in September 2019.

The inauguration also witnessed some Justices and Judges expressing their enthusiasm on the initiative.

Justice Krishna Murari said while appreciating Chief Justice Govind Mathur, “It is a very happy occasion for me that the High Court has built a new building for the law museum and archives and where all these artefacts can be kept and displayed for the benefit of the general public.”

While congratulating the initiative of the High Court, Justice Vineet Saran said that, “All the things preserved in the Allahabad High Court museum will be on display for not only the lawyers, but for the public, who will come to know of its rich heritage”.

The High Court also installed escalators at its premises, thereby fulfilling the long-awaited demand of the Bar.