6630 CCTV Cameras Deployed in Vulnerable Areas to Enhance Women’s Safety: Delhi Police Informs High Court

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Published on: 18 August 2023 at 12:20 IST

The Delhi Police has updated the Delhi High Court about the installation of 6,630 CCTV cameras across several vulnerable locations within the national capital, as part of efforts to bolster the security and safety of women.

During a hearing presided over by a division bench consisting of Chief Justice Satish Chandra Sharma and Justice Sanjeev Narula, the legal representative for the Delhi Police revealed that these CCTV cameras have been strategically positioned and are actively monitored within five master control rooms.

The court’s attention was drawn to a self-initiated public interest litigation (PIL) that dates back to 2012. This litigation was set in motion following the tragic Nirbhaya gang-rape incident and is focused on addressing the concerns of women’s safety and security in the capital city.

Amicus Curiae Advocate Meera Bhatia proposed the incorporation of panic buttons on poles where the CCTV cameras are stationed. This measure aims to empower women to promptly alert police personnel situated in the master control rooms during emergencies.

In response to this suggestion, the Delhi Police’s legal representatives requested additional time from the court to thoroughly assess the viability of implementing panic buttons on these poles. They assured the court that this proposal will be given due consideration by the appropriate authorities.

The Court granted a four-week period for the Delhi Police to evaluate the feasibility of the panic button proposal. The next hearing on this matter has been scheduled for October 6.

Previously, the bench had directed the Delhi Police to promptly initiate the installation of CCTV cameras in areas prone to vulnerability within the national capital. The court’s rationale was that this measure would aid in curbing crimes against women and contribute to enhancing their overall security.

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