Alka Verma –

Published On: November 26, 2021 at 13:25 IST

On Wednesday, after observing that the Enforcement Directorate had already opened a file in the case and the investigation is in progress, the Kerala High Court closed a Petition filed by a man, requesting the investigation of ED in Kodakara Black Money Case.

A Single Judge Bench of Justice K. Haripal closed the Writ Petition through which the Petitioner asked the Court to pass certain directions to the Enforcement Directorate to probe the case in which involvement of certain BJP leaders was reported.

The Court closed the Petition after observing that the probe was going on at the best possible space based on the information and evidence collected and complaint received so far.

The said matter is about a Petition filed by a man named Saleem Madavur. In his Petition, he claimed that the Central Agency had not taken any action in respect of the case ,despite it being a case of  economic offence involving crores.

However, the Additional Solicitor General, who was representing the ED, informed the Court the file has already opened and the probe has started. After listening to this, the Court closed the Petition.

In an earlier instance, the Petitioner had objected the multiple extensions asked by ED to file the statement. The Petitioner had argued that a three months’ time had already been given to them. However, the ASG had contended that the petitioner had sought comprehensive information about the case and an extensive statement will be filed in the time given.

It should be noted here that the said Case is about a heist that took place  three days ahead of the assembly poll at Kodakara in Thrissur district. After investigation, the Police discovered that the money involved was around Rupees 3.5 crores in cash, which was being transported through hawala channels to fund the poll campaign. Also, after more investigation, the involvement of certain BJP leaders was suspected.

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