US to Investigate Chinese Technology in Automobiles

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Published on: March 01, 2024 at 21:37 IST

US President Joe Biden has taken action to address potential national security threats posed by Chinese technology integrated into automobiles. The inquiry, announced on Thursday, targets concerns over the unauthorized collection of sensitive data facilitated by such technology. China swiftly criticized the investigation, labeling it as discriminatory and accusing the US of weaponizing trade matters.

Directed by President Biden, the Commerce Department will lead the investigation, specifically focusing on connected vehicles incorporating technology from countries designated as “countries of concern,” notably China. The primary aim is to assess and mitigate any security risks associated with these technological integrations.

President Biden highlighted China’s aspirations to dominate the global automotive market through what he described as “unfair practices,” stressing potential national security threats posed by the influx of Chinese vehicles into the US market.

This investigation covers vehicles equipped with technology enabling continuous connectivity to personal devices, other vehicles, US infrastructure, and manufacturers, including electric and autonomous cars. The Commerce Department will seek public feedback over a 60-day period, with the possibility of imposing restrictions on certain transactions in the future.

The Chinese embassy in Washington condemned the US’s characterization of national security concerns and accused it of weaponizing economic and trade issues. Meanwhile, the White House underscored the significant data collection capabilities of connected vehicles and highlighted the risks associated with unauthorized access to these systems or data by foreign entities.

Experts view this investigation as an acknowledgment by the Biden administration of the critical role of emerging technologies in both economic growth and national security. The focus extends beyond outbound investment restrictions and semiconductor export controls to encompass risks associated with technology transfers into the US.

President Biden justified the investigation by pointing out China’s own restrictions on foreign automobiles operating within its borders, questioning why connected vehicles from China should operate in the US without adequate safeguards.

Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo emphasized the importance of understanding the extent of technology integration in vehicles containing Chinese-made components, despite their limited prevalence on US roads currently.

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, highlighted the competitive threat posed by Chinese car companies globally and suggested the potential need for trade barriers to ensure a level playing field.

The Alliance for American Manufacturing welcomed the investigation and advocated for additional measures such as increased tariffs and restrictions on electric vehicle tax credits. In a separate executive order, President Biden aimed to address broader concerns regarding data security and privacy by curbing the transfer of sensitive US personal data abroad.

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