Italy Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte resigns amongst political crisis

Jan26,2021 #Giuseppe Conte #ITALY


Italy Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte amongst political turmoil in country handed over his resignation to the head of state.

Italy is facing a severe health and economic crisis. Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte said opening the way for formal consultations on how to overcome the political crisis.

Italy has been embroiled in political uncertainty from last few days after a small party, Italia Viva, decided to exit the coalition government led by Conte. The rupture in the executive came after a dispute over EU pandemic recovery funds, and how they are disbursed, which has plunged the nation into instability.

Italy Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, who has no political affiliation, told his ministers that he is resigning. He then handed in his official resignation to President Sergio Mattarella. The president has reportedly asked Conte to remain in a caretaker role while consultations take place over the formation of a new government.

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