Israel: Top Court postpones hearing on Khan al-Ahmar

Alka Verma-

Published On: September 29, 2021 at 17:22 IST

The High Court of Justice in Israel on Wednesday granted permission to a request made by the State regarding a hearing related to Khan al-Ahmar.

The hearing was scheduled on Petition to empty the West Bank Town of Khan al-Ahmar within 6 months.

The Court also asked Israel reach a decision on the challenged town after years of “inaction and feet-hauling.”

Justice Sohlberg, while giving the Order also observed that from more than a decade Israel is trying to postpone the decision regarding the Bedouin village and he stated that it is something the State “cannot agree to.”

“The state is not consistent in its arguments and does not follow through with its statements,” stated Justice Sohlberg.

Adding to it, Justice Sohlberg said, “There is no doubt the day nears when we can no longer come to terms with the petition’s inconclusiveness. It cannot be stretched to infinity.”

While deciding the next date of hearing, Justice Sohlberg stated, “We expect that by then, we shall be presented with a clear decision, after exploring all options.”

Recently, in the same month, the High Court called the urging to defer the hearing “embarrassing” and they also decided that they would postpone the hearing by just two months.

Further, the Court also said they would not endorse any further delays, which they eventually did in their decision of Wednesday.

In its justification, Israel stated that it asked for the delay in hearing because of the ongoing coronavirus crisis and “in consideration of the current diplomatic-security situation.”

The case is all about a Petition which was filed by a right-wing NGO Regavim.

In its Petition, the NGO requested the Government to set a date for the evacuation of village which the Court approved two years ago.

The recent hearing was scheduled on September 30 and the State was asked to respond to the Court 30 days prior.

Now, the Court has scheduled the hearing on March 6, 2022.

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