New Initiative by Ministry of Law and Justice, GOI: Launch of Medical and Term Insurance Policy for the Welfare of Advocates

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Published on: 17 August 2023 at 17:17 IST

In a significant move aimed at enhancing the welfare of legal professionals across the country, the Ministry of Law and Justice, Government of India, has announced the introduction of a comprehensive Medical and Term Insurance Policy exclusively for advocates.

This new initiative seeks to provide crucial healthcare and financial security to members of the legal fraternity and their families.

As part of this endeavor, all members enrolled with the Bar Council of India (BCD) are encouraged to take part by submitting the necessary information about themselves, their spouse, and their children up to 25 years of age. This essential data will facilitate the efficient implementation of the insurance policy, ensuring that the benefits reach those in need in a timely manner.

Key Highlights of Medical and Term Insurance Policy:

Comprehensive Health Coverage: The newly introduced policy guarantees advocates and their families access to high-quality healthcare services. It encompasses a wide range of medical treatments, consultations, and diagnostic procedures, ensuring that legal professionals and their loved ones can avail themselves of top-notch medical care without financial constraints.

Inclusive Family Coverage: The insurance policy extends its protection to the entire advocate’s family unit. This includes not only the advocate themselves but also their spouse and children up to the age of 25. This forward-looking approach acknowledges the importance of family well-being and secures their future.

Term Insurance for Peace of Mind: In addition to medical coverage, the policy incorporates a term insurance component, offering legal practitioners a safety net against unforeseen circumstances. This feature provides advocates with peace of mind, knowing that their family’s financial security is safeguarded in times of need.

We urge all eligible advocates to complete the registration process at their earliest convenience, enabling the Ministry to initiate the insurance coverage without any delay.

The online platform for submitting these details has been made available at the following link:

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