Jagdish Prasad moves Delhi HC seeking probe against China for COVID-19

covid19 coronavirus law insider in
covid19 coronavirus law insider in

Greeva Garg–

With a complaint, Former Director-General of Health Services Jagdish Prasad has moved to the Delhi High Court blaming China for the spread of Covid-19, and sought a thorough investigation in this regard.

“Given the nefarious, terrorist, expansionist, aggressive and animus behavior of China at the borders in north-east region of India, it would be very dangerous to not undertake a detailed investigation qua the origins and spread of the virus from China to India, so that the entire truth in this regard can come out and the guilty are punished per various provisions of Indian laws,” the plea stated.

After a research analysis upon the nature and origin of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus has been undertaken by Prasad, he found that such virus which has caused a huge amount of devastation is manually made.

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“Concerned by the fact that the origin and creation of the virus in China seems to be a mischievous handiwork of persons who seek to cause harm to India, with backing from the State authorities of China, the applicant is constrained to write the following complaint,” the plea stated.

Prasad filed the plea application under Section 156(3) of the Code of Criminal Procedure (CrPC), termed the spread in India as ‘tragic and extreme’, causing deaths, diseases, and disability to thousands of people in the country, in addition to a ‘drastic economic downturn’.

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