US Court agrees to expedite hearing against TikTok App ban

By Astha Joshi-

A US appeals court has agreed to expedite the hearing of the Justice Department’s appeal to block the new TikTok downloads from the U.S. app stores.

Earlier, District Judge Carl Nichols had issued a preliminary injunction that refrained the U.S. Commerce Department from removing the Chinese-owned app from Apple Inc and Alphabet Inc’s Google app stores.

China’s ByteDance, which owns the app, sought a preliminary injunction to bar the restrictions. The Company said the government has produced “no evidence that the Chinese government has ever obtained access to any TikTok user data, let alone that of U.S. users; and no evidence that TikTok’s recommendation engine systematically biases Chinese (or any other) political interest.”

Walmart Inc and Oracle Corp are in talks to hold stakes in TikTok Global to supervise the country’s operations.