Undo the tweets against TV Today Network within 48 hours : Delhi HC to Sameet Thakkar

Nisha Ghosal

The plaintiff (TV Today Network Limited) filed a suit against the defendant (Sameet Thakkar), which was heard by the bench comprising Justice Mukta Gupta of the Delhi High Court.

The Court ordered the defendant to undo the Tweets from his Twitter account within 48 hours.

The defendant (Sameet Thakkar) had posted 35 tweets on 15th April 2020 on his Twitter account by making comments in disparaging language against the plaintiff (TV Today Network Limited) and its management and employees.

In this matter, the Court ordered,
“Defendant No. 1 is directed to take down the said ULRs from its Twitter account within 48 hours of the receipt of a copy of such replication from the learned counsel for the plaintiff, failing which the plaintiff would write a letter to the learned counsel for the defendant No. 3 (Twitter) giving the specified 29 sets of ULRs as provided in Para 11 of the replication, which the defendant No. 3 (Twitter) will take down within 72 hours thereafter.”

The next hearing will be held on 14th January 2021.

The allegations against the plaintiff, made by the defendant, had no point.

The plaint stated that the anchor and the management of TV Today Network Limited has a reputation in the industry that was harmed by the baseless allegations.

The Court observed that the tweets against the plaintiff are abusive and are defamatory.

So, the Court ordered the Defendant (Sameet Thakkar) “to restrain from publishing any defamatory or derogatory posts/tweets or making abusive remarks against the Plaintiff, its management, employees including news anchors and their family members either through his Twitter handle or on any other social media platform or any other print/electronic medium.”