Satish Mahana
Satish Mahana

Cabinet Minister of Uttar Pradesh

  1. Name:                 Shri Satish Mahana
  2. Birthdate:           14 October 1960
  3. Designation:       Cabinet Minister of Uttar Pradesh
  4. Alma mater:       Kanpur University
  5. Occupation:        Politician, Farmer, Businessman Builder and Developer
  6. Political party:    Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)

Satish Mahana is an incumbent Member of the Legislative Assembly of Uttar Pradesh. He represents Maharajpur constituency of Uttar Pradesh and is an Indian politician belonging to Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). Previously, he has served as a member of Uttar Pradesh Legislative Assembly for 7 times continuously, which is quite impressive.

Currently he is the Cabinet Minister for Industrial Development in Uttar Pradesh Legislative Assembly. 

He was born on 14 October 1960 in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh to Mr. Ram Avtar. He has pursued Bachelor of Science degree from the Kanpur University. He was also the vice-leader of the BJP legislature in 2012.    

  1. A FIR has been fired under section 125/127A (4) R. P. Act in P.S. Kotwali Kanpur, U.P.  Case No. 1842/2010 is filled against him wherein the courts have taken cognizance and the charges are framed.
  2. In 1994, he was detained in district prison for 3 days under section 151.

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