Trump administration approaches Supreme Court to hold census count

By Astha Joshi-

The Trump administration had filed an emergency appeal to hold the lower court order that had directed to continue the census count till October 31.

Jeff Wall, for US Census Bureau, said that to meet the set deadline of December 30 for delivering the census reports to President Donald Trump, it is appropriate to end the operations now.

In his appeal to quash the lower court order, Wall said that the court had “disregarded the Bureau’s successful efforts to ensure that the 2020 census will reach levels of accuracy and completeness comparable to other recent censuses while still meeting the deadline.”

The Census Bureau had earlier issued a statement saying that the census count will be achieved a month before the scheduled deadline. On which several civil rights activists had filed the lawsuit and condemned that the “rushed” schedule would point to “a massive undercount of the country’s communities of colour.

US District Judge Lucy Koh had decreed against the Census Bureau commenting on its accuracy, which would be compromised if the schedule is accelerated.

The Justice Department, arguing for the Bureau, in its recent argument, said, “Contrary to what Plaintiffs may think, the Bureau is not free to disregard a statutory deadline in pursuit of some ethereal notion of a better census.”

It also mentioned that the complaints related to the timeline should be addressed to Congress.