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Supreme Court Accepts Lalit Modi’s “Unconditional Apology”, Case closed

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Published on: 24 April 2023 at 16:16 IST

The Supreme Court has decided to close the case against Lalit Modi, the former IPL commissioner, for his contemptuous remarks about the judiciary on social media.

The decision was made after Modi tendered an unconditional apology in an affidavit, in which he pledged not to make any comments that were inconsistent with the dignity and majesty of Indian courts in the future.

The court accepted Modi’s apology, but also cautioned him that any attempt to tarnish the image of the judiciary in the future would be treated seriously.

The court emphasized that it believed in forgiveness when an apology was made sincerely and unconditionally. The court’s primary concern was that everyone should respect the judiciary as an institution.

On April 13, the Supreme Court had directed Modi to issue an apology on social media and in national newspapers, warning him that any repetition of such conduct would be severely dealt with. Modi was also directed to submit an affidavit stating that he would not make any posts that could remotely damage the reputation of the Indian judiciary.