Sc Refuses To pass any Interim Order On UGC’s Stand On Sep 30 Exam Deadline


By Rupali Gupta-

Today, Three judge bench led by Justice Ashok Bhushan refused to pass any interim order on the UGC’s decision for conducting final year exams till Sept 30 within this pandemic and on the other side students all together protesting for cancellation of exams and demanding marks should be awarded as per their internal assessment.

Justic Bhushan advise the students to prepare for their exams and nobody will assume that exams would be suspended.

In total 31 petitions were filed and all of them are by students. Senior advocate Abhisekh Manu Singhvi arguing for one of the 31 petitioners said,

“Many universities have been converted into COVID-19 centres. This has happened in Maharashtra and West Bengal. Bar Councils too have cancelled exams. The July 6 guidelines ignore the MHA guidelines too. Heavens will not fall if exams are cancelled.”

He said: “Now this is striking… The new guidelines were to make it more difficult for students amid COVID19. Some of the universities lack basic IT infrastructure to conduct these online exams. It is not feasible to adopt the online mode of exam uniformly.”

But the court Pointed out that the guidelines provide both online and offline exams.

Considering the MHA’s stand the courtpointed out that MHA guidelines were of July 20. “How can July 6 guidelines take them into account? The purpose of that guideline by MHA did not relate to exams.”

Singhvi said: “This optional exam is problematic. If someone cannot appear in the exam and is given a later option, it will create chaos.”

The court said: “But it is for the benefit of the students.”

SC told Solicitor General Tushar Mehta to make stand of the MHA clear.

The matter will be heard on August 10.

The court asked: “Are decisions by the state disaster management committee on the record?”

Singhvi said: “I will place them on record.”

Alakh requested the court to pass an interim order as many students are stuck in flood affected areas of Bihar and Assam. “How will they travel,” he asked.

The court reiterated: “We are not passing any interim orders now.”

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