Petition filed at Delhi HC against Hamdard Hospital for terminating Nurses

By Weindrila Sen-

Today a petition has been filed before the Delhi High Court, seeking action against the HAH Centenary Hospital of Hamdard Institute of Medical Sciences and Research(HIMSR) after the hospital had terminated the service of 84 nurses. The nurses were terminated after they have raised an issue over COVID-19 equipment.

The Plea submitted by the Petitioner mentions that the nurses were deprived of basic COVID-19 essentials like N-95 masks, required amount of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE’s), insufficient number of COVID-19 testing kits, lack of training, lack of accommodation and isolation wards, forced duty allotted to pregnant nurses, etc. The frontline worker has stated twelve major hardships in the Petition which they were facing daily.

The Petitioner also mentioned that she was infected with COVID-19 but despite showing clear symptoms, she was not provided free testing by the Hospital management. Denying the allegation put by the administration which mentions that the reason for the termination order dated July 11 was” absence from office without sanctioned leave and absent without intimation”, the Petitioner said that most of the staff were on duty and the others were in quarantine in the mentioned date.

The Plea also stated that the Ministry of Labour and Employment, Government of India vide Office Order dated 20.03.2020 had directed all the employer’s association to not terminate any employee both contractual or casual workers, or reduce their pay in this crucial pandemic situation. The termination of the 84 nurses is gross negligence of the Government’s order. It further stated the Hospital’s action is not only the violation of Article 14 and 21 but also all other fundamental rights of the terminated nurses.

The Plea further states that the safety of the frontline workers is the most important thing at this point as a shortage of the same will result in worsening the current scenario and the patients will get unattended. 

The Petition was filed by Advocate Subhash Chandra K.R.

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