Modi Set to become PM For Historic 3rd Time

Published on: June 04, 2024 19:58 IST

Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed his gratitude to the people of India for electing the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) to a third consecutive term in a landmark election.

“People have placed their faith in NDA, for a third consecutive time! This is a historical feat in India’s history,” PM Modi stated in a post on X.

The latest election results show the NDA crossing the halfway mark, securing 290 seats in the Lok Sabha. Meanwhile, the Opposition bloc INDIA showed significant gains, winning 234 seats, a notable improvement from their 2019 performance.

PM Modi, who secured his Varanasi seat with a margin of 1.5 lakh votes, acknowledged the electorate’s support: “I bow to the Janata Janardan for this affection and assure them that we will continue the good work done in the last decade to keep fulfilling the aspirations of people.” He also praised the dedication of NDA workers, saying, “Words will never do justice to their exceptional efforts.”

The Opposition, led by Congress, responded to the results with mixed sentiments. Congress leader Rahul Gandhi described the mandate as a clear message from the electorate. “The people of the country do not want PM Modi and Amit Shah to continue running the country,” he remarked, signaling the INDIA bloc’s determination to challenge the ruling alliance in future elections.

  • Chirag Paswan secured a significant victory in Bihar’s Hajipur Lok Sabha seat by 1.70 lakh votes.
  • Rahul Gandhi welcomed the Lok Sabha poll verdict, interpreting it as a significant message to the Prime Minister.
  • The Congress party marked a breakthrough in Gujarat, dismantling a long-standing BJP stronghold and opening an account in the state after a decade.

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