Madhya Pradesh Govt Employee with ₹30K Salary Found to Own 20 Luxury Cars, Land and many more in Anti-Corruption Raid

May13,2023 #Hema Meena #Madhya Pradesh

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Published on: 13 May 2023 at 00:47 IST

A Madhya Pradesh government employee named Hema Meena, who earns a monthly salary of ₹30,000, was the target of an anti-corruption raid which uncovered a staggering array of assets.

These included 20 vehicles, 5-7 of which were luxury cars, 20,000 square feet of land, two dozen prized Gir breed cattle, and a high-end 98-inch TV worth ₹30 lakh. Meena, who works as a contractual in-charge assistant engineer with the Madhya Pradesh Police Housing Corporation, reportedly amassed these assets over the course of just over a decade.

During the search operation, the anti-corruption agency discovered an extensive collection of assets at her residence, which included 100 dogs, a complete wireless communication system, and mobile jammers, among other valuable items.

Under the pretext of repairing solar panels, a team from the Lokayukta Special Police Establishment (SPE) carried out a search at Ms Meena’s posh bungalow on Thursday.

The anti-corruption team was able to discover assets valued at around ₹ 7 crore in just one day, which is 232 percent more than what Hema Meena’s known income sources can account for.

According to the initial investigation, Meena bought 20,000 square feet of agricultural land in her father’s name and built a house worth approximately ₹ 1 crore. Additionally, she owns land in Raisen and Vidisha districts.

The authorities also suspect that Meena used materials intended for Madhya Pradesh Police Housing Corporation projects to construct her home, and they have seized heavy agricultural equipment, such as harvesters.

According to Manu Vyas, the Superintendent of Police, Lokayukta, Bhopal, the search operation was carried out at three different places, one of which was Hema Meena’s residence in Bilkhiriya. It is estimated that her assets are valued at around ₹ 5 to 7 crore, and more assets may be found as the search progresses.

Mr Vyas stated that other departments’ assistance may be required to determine the actual value of the assets that have been confiscated so far. Additionally, the accused has been charged.

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