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Published On: September 16,2021 at 18:06 IST

Kerala High Court rejected a plea against a Government Order for investigating a disproportionate asset case against DGP Tomin J Thachankary.

Justice R Narayana Pisharody while rejecting the plea stated that the petitioner had no right to file a petition against the Order.

The Government’s Order was issued because of the Senior Police Officer’s request to continue the investigation.

The petition was filed by an Alappuzha resident named Boby Kuruvila.

The petitioner urged before the Court that officers below the rank of Director General of Police would be carrying on with the investigation against the Senior Officer, and hence the result of the investigation could be biased or also be predicted.

The Court while dismissing the plea stated that only the mistakes in the decision-making process can be re-examined and not the whole Government Order.

The case against the DGP alleged that he had amassed Rs 64, 70,891 which is above his known source of income between 1st January 2003 and 4th July 2007.

The case is under trial in a Special Court in Kottayam.

The Government directed the investigation to carry on in January this year at the request of DGP.

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