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Kamra suggests SC to hear plea challenging Article 370 abrogation; denies to apologise for tweets against SC

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Nisha Ghosal

Kunal Kamra has replied to AG Venugopal’s accord to initiate a contempt proceeding against him.

He has refused to offer an apology for his tweets and does not intend to retract the tweets made.

Further, he has suggested that the Apex Court should hear petitions challenging the abrogation of Article 370, demonetisation, electoral bonds, etc. instead of hearing the contempt plea against him. He would not like to “jump the queue.”

He stated, “May I suggest the demonetisation petition, the petition challenging the revocation of J&K’s special status, the matter of the legality of electoral bonds or countless other matters that are more deserving of time and attention…”

Comedian Kunal Kamra had tweeted about the Supreme Court that ‘honour has left the building (Supreme Court) long back’ and ‘Supreme Court of the country is the most Supreme joke of the country.’

The tweets came following the SC’s order granting interim bail to Republic TV Anchor Arnab Goswami.

At least ten letters from students and lawyers were received by AG Venugopal to initiate contempt proceedings against Kamra.

The Attorney General of India, KK Venugopal, found the tweet to be highly offensive and consented to initiate criminal contempt against the comedian.

His letter read:

“I find that today people believe that they can boldly and brazenly condemn the Supreme Court of India and its judges by exercising what they believe is their freedom of speech.”

“But under the Constitution, the freedom of speech is subject to the law of contempt… I believe it is time people understand that attacking the Supreme Court unjustifiedly and brazenly will attract punishment under the Contempt of Court Act,”

Kamra had further posted a picture of the Supreme Court of India covered with saffron colour cloth, bearing the flag of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

AG said that this was a “gross insinuation against the entirety of the Supreme Court of India.”