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Government Will Take “Informed” Decision on Sedition Law After Consultations: Law Minister

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Published on: 02 June 2023 at 22:25 IST

Law Minister Arjun Ram Meghwal stated on Friday that the government will make an informed and reasoned decision regarding the Law Commission report on sedition after conducting consultations with all relevant parties. Meghwal acknowledged that the recommendations presented in the report were persuasive but not binding.

Meghwal’s comments were made following the law commission’s suggestion to increase the minimum imprisonment term in sedition cases from the current three years to seven years.

In a tweet, Meghwal emphasized that the law commission’s report on sedition is part of an extensive consultative process.

He acknowledged the persuasive nature of the recommendations but clarified that they are not binding. Meghwal further stated that the final decision on the matter will only be made after consulting with all stakeholders involved.

Meghwal stated, “Now that we have received the report, we will also hold consultations with all the other stakeholders so that we take an informed and reasoned decision in the public interest.”

The Law Commission’s report recommends increasing the minimum jail term in sedition cases from three years to seven years. The commission argues that this would provide courts with greater discretion to determine appropriate punishment based on the severity of the offense.

The Congress party strongly reacted to this recommendation, accusing the BJP government of intending to create a more oppressive law and sending a message before the general elections that it could be used against opposition leaders.